Check Out What “Kissing You” Singer Keith Washington Is Doing Now

Posted On : May 24, 2015

keith washington

In case you’ve been wondering what Old School R&B crooner, Keith Washington, has been doing since we last heard from him in the mid 90’s, today is your day, because we’ve found him.

First we have to reminisce about the days when Keith had us all slow dancing to his 90’s smashes, “Make time For Love” “Are You Still In Love With Me,” and “Kissing you.” Those were the days weren’t they?!! Keith had the ladies going wild and the fellas were reaping the benefits of it, by making some of Keith’s slow jams their mood music whenever they had their lady over to visit.

Keith is part of the last generation of actual crooners and he’s still been able to successfully ride that wave to this day. His career hasn’t come without it’s fair share of drama though.

keith and aretha

Many of you may remember a few years ago, that he was involved in a lil’ bit of controversy surrounding some information folks were accusing him of leaking on his former Detroit radio show regarding the health of his good friend, Aretha Franklin. Keith adamantly denied that he intentionally leaked that info, and that it was an honest mistake.

His ex-wife of 14 years, Marsha Jenkins-Sanders, also stirred her own dosage of controversy when she released…

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