Chico DeBarge Explains How He Got Stabbed While On Tyler Perry Tour

Posted On : May 5, 2015


While there’s no denying that the DeBarge family are an extremely talented group of people, they have always had their fair share of ups and downs throughout their lives. One thing we respect about them though is that they’ve never been a family to try to hide their pains and struggles…they’ve always owned up to their faults. Well this time Chico DeBarge was the one disclosing something that happened to him some years ago when he ended up getting stabbed only within inches of his kidney and lungs while he was touring as part of the cast of Tyler Perry’s stage play, “Why Did I Get Married.”

We all know Chico is like the bad boy of the Debarge fam’ after having served 5 years in prison for drug trafficking with his big brother, the late Bobby DeBarge and then not too long after he got out of prison, this is what he said happened…

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