Oh My! Chilli From TLC Dares Wendy Williams To ‘Say It To My Face’

Posted On : February 5, 2016

Wendy Williams is stirring up trouble with her opinions yet again. This time, the subjects of her shade are remaining TLC members Chilli and T-Boz.

Remember when the singers set up that Kickstarter to crowdfund their next album? Well, now that their goal was exceeded, Wendy wants to know what’s the real deal with the “gifts” they promised their donors, and Chilli didn’t like the way she came at them.

It all started when the talk show maven said that one of her producers made a $10 donation and was promised a hand-written note. While he did get something in the mail, it wasn’t what he expected, which was a personal “Thank You” from the ladies. In fact, it was just a list of their favorite songs, and wasn’t even signed.

When a fan of the group brought up the shady moment on Twitter, Chilli wasted no time expressing how she felt, saying that Wendy’s all bark but no bite:

chilli-wendy-williamsI don’t think this is over yet, but only time will tell.


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