Chris Brown Lashes Out After Diddy’s Company Use Him& Tyrese As Examples Of Troubled Singers

Posted On : November 7, 2017

Okay ILOSM fam,’ you ever had one of those days when you felt the need to check somebody…even when you know you were wrong as hell? LOL…yeah we get it, it happens. Well, that day would be today for Chris Brown…and even though he may be wrong with his reaction, it was still funny and entertaining to say the least.

You see, what had happened was, Sean “P. Diddy” Comb’s Revolt TV Instagram page posed a question to their followers, asking “Do you think great music should overshadow the personal troubles of music artists?”

That was a pretty harmless post/question, right? WRONG! At least according to Chris Brown.

The only problem was that in posing their question, Revolt used a photo of Brown and Tyrese, as if they are the ‘poster children’ for music artists whose personal troubles overshadow their careers.

Therefore, Chris Brown didn’t appreciate the reference and according to TheShadeRoom, he made his opinion known by lighting up Revolt’s Instagram comments with this comical, ever-so-elegant(less) reaction:

“Da f*ck yall use me for?”

Of course fans were crackin’ up off of Brown’s clap back…

To Revolt TV’s defense, regardless of which ‘Brown’ you’re talking about- Chris Brown, Bobby Brown, or James Brown- the fact is there have been quite a few ‘Browns’ with past struggles. So it’s pretty understandable why Revolt chose Chris Brown and Tyrese Gibson. Let’s be real, at various times throughout the years -in Tyrese’s case, that would be right now- their careers have, in fact, been WAAAAY overshadowed by their personal life drama.

Sure, Chris Brown may have evolved into a better man since 2009, but he will never live down that unfortunate fight with his then girlfriend, Rihanna.

Chris Brown and Rihanna years after their 2009 fight

Will Tyrese ever live down his recent social media meltdown over his daughter, ex-wife, his money, and co-star Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson? Only time will tell. But as it stands right now, it ain’t happening any time soon and that’s why his career, too, is being overshadowed by his personal life.

Tyrese having breakdown on social media over the unfortunate drama surrounding his custody battle wit his ex-wife over their daughter

So although Chris Brown’s anger is understandable, he can’t really blame Revolt nor anyone else for bringing up his past. We get it, when it comes to past mistakes, sometimes you just wanna learn from them, move past them, and keep it pushin.’ However, in the world of entertainment, celebrities aren’t necessarily granted that same generosity as us, regular folks. That’s the price of fame I suppose.

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