Chrisette Michele Releases “Black Lives Matter” Song, Gets Dragged By Popular Actress & Fans

Posted On : November 14, 2017

After finally apologizing for supporting Donald Trump at his presidential inauguration, Chrisette Michelle has now released her new single titled, “Black Lives Matter.” Not much explanation is needed about the title, nor purpose of Chrisette’s song. But for the record, she’s encouraging everyone to show some empathy and understanding toward others, regardless of their race, or political views:

“If my life matters, then stand no matter / If it was true, would it be black? / Whatever the hue, would you fight back? / Is your blood red? / Doesn’t it match? / Then when I stand, stand with my black,” Chrisette sings.

Fans React

She released her “Black Lives Matter” song, early Tuesday (11-14-17) and plenty of folks have since shared their opinions about it. As you could imagine, many aren’t necessarily big upping her BLM track. Matter of fact, let’s just say they’re calling Chrisette Michelle ‘everything but a child of God,’ like our elders used to say back in the day.

As soon as the bashed songstresses’ BLM song began to spread across the ‘net, people were so livid, they couldn’t wait to let their fingers start talking. Check out some of the tweets below:

“Insecure” Actress Disses Chrisette’s BLM Song & She Responds

Initially, Chrisette decided to ignore the comments. Then came Insecure actress, Amanda Seales’ Instagram post, which simply showed various images of herself giving Chrisette’s BLM song a resounding ‘hell no’…


A post shared by amandaseales (@amandaseales) on

That’s when Chrisette responded…

Amanda Seales. I've watched you over the years, I've spent time seeing your stand up and even enjoying your material online. It was such a beautiful moment when you walked into everybody's favorite tv show "Insecure" and killed the game. Your passion for the black community to progress. Your tenacity for social justice and your cultural critique and intelligence is un-paralleled. I know you have reservations about my choices over the last year. I've done just as much thinking and acknowledgement of sentiments like yours as I've done of my own. I've apologized both in public and on private stages for the pain I've caused our community. Hopefully with voices as brave as yours, we can move the meter to greater platforms for hope to be sung, and greater outlets for conversations like these. They're needed and welcome. Might women like us unify and bring the conversation of #StrongBlackWomen and women supporting women. I salute you #StrongBlackWoman

A post shared by chrisettemichele (@chrisettemichele) on

Even though Michele gave a polite reply to Seales’ post, it didn’t sway those who still feel that she is simply trying to play nice with anyone within the Black community and release “pro’Black” songs just to win back their support.

The bright spot for Chrisette, is that although many aren’t rockin with her right now, there are some who have remained loyal to her.

However, at this point, it looks like Chrisette is gonna have a steep mountain to climb before most of her fans decide to forgive her over her Trump decision…and her support of proud Trump supporter/gospel singer, Tina Campbell.

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