Christina Milian Stops By ‘The Real,’ Admits It Really Does Go Down In the DM

Posted On : May 26, 2017

Christina Milian is a woman in love! For those who don’t know, the singer has had her share of romantic encounters over the years and now it looks like there is a new man in her life – New York Jets’ star, Brandon Wilds. On Friday, May 26, Christina stopped by The Real where she gushed about her new love interest.

‘The Real’:

When Christina appeared on the show, she and the co-hosts talked about everything from relationships to parenting. Christina and the ladies discussed different aspects of cheating and what’s really defined as cheating and betrayal. They also debated about whether or not parents should be held accountable when their children are bullies. But, they didn’t stop there. Although the conversation seemed quite reserved in the beginning, things shifted when Christina shared details about her budding romance with Brandon Wilds.

Down in the DM:

When asked how she and Brandon met, Christina admitted something many people only hear about in rap songs. The singer admitted it really does go down in the DM. Christina revealed how Brandon decided to slide in her DM on Instagram after she posted a captivating photo. “Well, it worked that time. I never met anybody else to be honest with you, but I will say like you know, I look through my direct messages. Like there’s business opportunities, you know friends sometimes that you’re like, “Oh wait, they’re on Instagram now,” Christina explained.

“So, he actually sent me a message and um I opened it and was like “Woah, this messaging.” Like the way he communicated the message, was really nice. He’s like, “I think you’re beautiful, a beautiful woman.” A very positive energy, he’s like, “I would love to take you to dinner. I understand that you have a daughter, so I’m very mindful of your time.” I was like, “Oh, he melted my heart right there.” He’s really nice, he’s a nice guy. And he was verified, so that made a difference.”

It looks like things are definitely heating up between Christina and Brandon.

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