Chuck D Has Powerful Advice For Fans Who Stand w/Rejected NFL’er Colin Kaepernick

Posted On : August 10, 2017
Chuck D

Remember when Chuck D and the rest of Public Enemy had us screaming “Fight The Power” at the top of our lungs in 1989? It’s that same defiant message he’s standing behind today, regarding how the NFL is doing quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, dirty this season. *Scroll to bottom to watch Chuck D discuss this*

If you’re not really into sports, you may have missed the foul, racially charged messages the NFL owners have been sending through their actions toward Kaepernick. Although some of the NFL execs have attempted to deny it, even Stevie Wonder could see the racially intimidating example their trying to make out of Colin. It seems pretty evident that Kaepernick is being discriminated against simply because he peacefully protested the thousands of unjust murders of African Americans, by some (not all) police who operate with impunity in America.

Colin Kaepernick

Last season (2016) it was very interesting to watch the mixed fan reactions toward Colin -who is both, White and Black- taking a knee during the singing of the “National Anthem,” in silent protest. Millions were behind his courageous stance, while others angrily responded as if he’d offended them for saying it’s wrong for a police officer to kill a fully compliant innocent Black person at will, during traffic stops.

Fast forward to now and there is a public rally down in New York on AUGUST 23rd, 2017, in protest of the NFL’s discrimination toward Kaepernick’s peaceful fight for equal rights. Spike Lee brought awareness to the NFL protest rally a few days ago and now Chuck D has some solid advice for everyone who stands with Colin Kaepernick and against discrimination.

Chuck D: Hit NFL Owners Where It Really Hurts

Chuck’s advice? Boycott the NFL- don’t attend the games, don’t watch them on television. Chuck D says that hitting the NFL owners where it hurts most -in their pockets- will be the one true way to make them play fair.

Check out what else Chuck D said below, he has an interesting take on the concept of NFL owners ‘owning’ players…

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