C’mon Now! Usher Now Facing A Different Type Of Lawsuit, But This One Takes The Cake

Posted On : October 6, 2017

With all kinds of allegations flying all over the place, Usher has been facing lots of legal trouble over the past couple months. Now, unfortunately, it looks like the singer is being hit again. This time, he’s being threatened by a woman who actually came after him. Apparently, the Grammy Award-winning singer’s stalker is threatening to get on the lawsuit train and hit him up for a large sum of money – $800,000 to be exact.

The Allegations:

Darshelle Jones

According to The Jasmine Brand, Darshelle Jones recently made a new legal filing and wrote a handwritten statement threatening to sue Usher. Although she’s wreaked havoc on Usher for years, stalking him all around Atlanta, apparently, she thinks he’s wronged her. Jones is yelling defamation of character as her years-long court battle with Usher continues. Now, she wants compensation for the so-called “damages.”

Jones reportedly wrote, “I would like to file a lawsuit against Usher Raymond IV for $80,000.00 for libel, slandering my name, ruining my reputation and defamation of character, including pain and suffering in relation to wrongful incarceration.” Jones went on to address the situation where she was found outside of a music studio where Usher was recording.

Was that just a coincidence? Although Jones has been caught stalking Usher for years, apparently she claims she just happened to be in the area at that time. Of course, this is a bit hard to believe because she’s allegedly been stalking Usher for years and there’s evidence to prove that.

“I had no ill intent when I was outside and across the street from the recording studio. I wanted to acquire a quote for myself to complete my assignment for Usher’s master class, in which I was a student.”

The Bottom Line:

Although Jones denies stalking Usher, the truth is the odds definitely aren’t in her favor because of her actions that led to the restraining order the singer previously filed against her. At the time of the latest incident, Jones was reportedly standing across the street filming Usher with an iPad. Since she’s allegedly stalked the singer on a number of occasions and, reportedly, there’s evidence to back the claims, she will probably have a difficult time proving defamation. But like the other cases, fans will have to wait and see how things turn out.


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