See Which “Color Purple” Actress Is Suing Famous Ex-Husband For Big $$$

Posted On : July 5, 2015

BLOG john singletonColor Purple actress and the beautiful West African princess (yep, she’s a REAL African princess) Akosua Busia is taking highly acclaimed director, John Singleton, to court. For those who don’t know, John and Akosua were married in 1996 after having dated for quite some time, and they have a daughter together, but they divorced in 1997.

News has just emerged today that Akosua is taking Singleton straight to court because she basically says he needs to step his game up when it comes to their daughter. Here is what Bossip reported:

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Akosua Busia said she’s raising their daughter, Hadar Busia-Singleton
alone in Ghana, and despite a court order, the movie maker won’t budge on paying Hadar’s megabucks tuition from private schools in Ghana, England and Michigan.

Busia said under the terms of their divorce, Singleton was supposed to pay for the girl’s education. But Busia said she had to front the tuition money when he didn’t, and she wants the Boyz In The Hood director to pay her $204,056—the amount she said she’s owed for their daughter’s education and after school activities for the over 12 years—and pay her $30,000 lawyer fees.

akosua3 Busia, a writer and actress who is well known for playing Nettie in “The Color Purple,” said she’s had to sell assets and take out high interest loans to keep Hadar enrolled in the pricey schools. She said Hadar was once kicked out of school for several weeks when Busia didn’t have the cash because she was paying for her sick mother’s hospital stay, but Singleton still wouldn’t pay.

“John’s failure to honor the court order and our other agreements with respect to the payment of Hadar’s tuition has caused me to go into debt to pay for our daughter’s education and has caused both myself and Hadar great emotional suffering,” Busia said in court papers.

Busia also wants him to pony up Hadar’s $65,000 tuition upfront for the exclusive Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan for next school year.
john singleton

But Singleton said in his own filing that he pays Busia $4,000 a month in child support and there’s no proof that he owes her the money.

Busia said when she and Hadar moved to Ghana in 2003, Singleton promised he’d pay her the difference between what Hadar’s school tuition cost in Ghana and what it would’ve cost in California, but he never did.

“Based on John’s agreement, I did not seek an increase in child support,” Busia said in the court docs, “despite the fact that…


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