Comedian Luenell Talks About The Night She Rolled Up On Nene Leakes At Club (Video)

Posted On : December 16, 2016


In addition, Luenell was taken aback by Nene inviting her to come to her show and even more insulted when Nene suggested that SHE would open for her. Because Leakes was new to the world of comedy, Luenell felt like she should not have referred to herself as a comedian.

Of course, Nene clapped back.


After Nene extended the invitation, Luenell decided that she would pop up at one of Nene’s shows. One night, Luenell and about 30 of her friends, decided to go to J. Anthony Brown’s club where Nene was performing.




She shared that she wasn’t there to fight but she was there to make her presence known.

Watch Luenell recap the incident below:

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