Congrats! Diana Ross’ Son, Evan, Just Landed New Gig On Very Popular TV Show

Posted On : August 12, 2017

Diana Ross via Getty Images

Diana Ross (73) has plenty to be smiling about right now. Her 28 year old baby boy, actor/singer Evan Ross, has just landed a good gig. And not only that, he’ll be starring alongside some heavy-hitters in the acting game, including Queen Latifah and comedian/actor, Mike Epps.
(L) Evan Ross and mother, Diana Ross; (R) Evan and wife/singer, Ashlee Simpson

Evan has just joined the cast of the Fox hit series Star. For the second season of the Lee Daniels pdirected series, Evan will play a key character in the film. The otehr new additions added are Epps as we stated earlier, as well as singer/actor, Luke James. Y’all remember Luke right? He was the cat who played Johnny Gill in the N. E. biopic, The New Edition Story.

Luke James

Here are the details on their roles via Deadline:

[Evan] Ross will play Angel, nephew to Jahil Rivera (Benjamin Bratt) and a DJ with a bad-boy streak who is heavy in the Latin music scene. Mike Epps will appear in the Star/Empire crossover episode as Jay Holland, the girls’ record label president who is willing to cross the line with one of them. Luke James, who was mentioned during TCA as a cast addition for the new season, will play Noah Brooks, a top-selling R&B artist at the label. He is charming and a sweet talker with ambitious streak.

Mike Epps

Like we said, ‘the boss, Ms. Ross’ has a lot to be happy about in regards to her son. Her grandbaby (Evan’s daughter), Jagger Snow, just turned two; Evan has a new solid acting gig; and of course we can’t forget about the smart move Diana reportedly forced her son to do- have his wife/singer, Ashlee Simpson, sign a pre-nup to protect the money he’ll inherit from Diana! Hopefully Evan and Ashlee will never need to put that pre-nup to good use, but it’s damn sure a great idea to always play it safe. Good lookin’ out Mama D.Ross!

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