Congrats! Malcolm Jamal Warner Is A Father! But Who’s The Child’s Mother?

Posted On : June 14, 2017
Malcolm Jamal Warner

Malcolm Jamal Warner, who is widely known for his role as Theo Huxtable from The Cosby Show, is finally a dad!

Theo Is A Dad!

Can you believe it? Time has really flown. While actor Malcolm Jamal Warner has starred in other tv shows and films, he will always be Theo Huxtable to us. Well, Theo is no longer that 14 year-old boy who had us laughing about his infamous designer shirt. While Malcolm-Jamal Warner’s TV dad is waiting to see whether he’s headed to the big house, the NY Daily News reported that the “Cosby Show” son Theo Huxtable has himself become a father.

Phynjuar Thomas, right, is the mother of the late actress, Michelle Thomas.

Phynjuar Thomas shared the exciting news with NY Daily News. Thomas is the mother of the late actress, Michelle Thomas. Michelle Thomas played the role of his girlfriend, Justine, on The Cosby Show. On December 22, 1998, the young and talented actress died of a rare form of stomach cancer. The day of her passing, her former boyfriend Malcolm Jamal Warner was at her bedside. Michelle died at the young age of 30. Her mother, Phynjuar Thomas, and Malcolm have remained close and still talk to this day.

I am elated over Malcolm’s new child. I hope they name the baby after me. Phynjuar is a beautiful name. I love him.

Who’s The Mom?

Malcolm Jamal-Warner is pretty private about his personal life. He has not commented about Thomas’ claims nor has he shared that he is a father. We do know that the baby is a week old. However, it’s hard to determine the sex of the baby has Phynjuar stated that she “loved him” yet she also shared that she hopes Malcolm names the baby after her. It’s hard to tell…….is Phynjuar a unisex name?

We’re told that the mom is an attorney from Bridgeport, Conn., and that she and Warner are “very much in love.”

Karen Malina White and Regina King were both once in serious relationships with Malcolm Jamal Warner.

Malcolm has been in a couple of serious relationships but he has not married anyone as of yet. Aside from dating actress Michelle Thomas, Warner later dated another actress from the “Cosby Show”, cast mate Karen Malina White who played Charmaine. White and Warner dated for nearly eight years but they broke up. Then, he moved on to Emmy winner Regina King where they dated for 2 years. They say that the 3rd time is the charm.

While thank you for The Cosby Show, Warner chose not to attend the Bill Cosby trial.

As Bill Cosby’s trial began, many people wondered which of the Huxtable cast members would attend Cosby’s sexual assault trial in Philadelphia, which went to the jury for deliberation on Monday. While Keisha Knight Pulliam attended, Warner was not there. Apparently, because Warner is a new father, he was tending to his child and he was working on an assignment. While Warner didn’t attend the trial, he did speak publicly on the sexual allegations last year on The Real. 

Warner compared the sexual allegations to other famous men in Hollywood who have endured similar circumstances. The difference, according to Warner, is that those men were Caucasian and Billy Cosby is African-American. Like Cosby, Ray Allen, Roman Polanski and Stephen Collins have all faced sexual assault allegations, yet, their work was still celebrated. Warner took issue that many networks decided not to air old episodes of The Cosby Show.

There’s no one that has been calling for Woody’s movies to be pulled off the air, Warner said on The Real couch. Roman Polanski is still celebrated. Stephen Collins’ show still comes on. So it’s just interesting how it’s very unbalanced. They were trying to take Mr. Cosby’s star off the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And I am in no position to defend him because I can’t. But nor will I throw him under the bus.

Congrats to the happy dad! We can’t wait to see photos!

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