Court Video Surfaces Of Pharrell’s Anger In Marvin Gaye Suit Deposition

Posted On : October 25, 2015

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Remember when Marvin Gaye’s children won a $5.4 million lawsuit in March (2015) against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams for what they said was like highway robbery of their Pop’s song, “Got To Give It Up” with their song, “Blurred Lines?” Well now Pharrell and Robin are appealing that judgement and as the appeal process is taking place, The Hollywood Reporter released video snippets of their deposition from 2013 today, and it is quite entertaining. Keep in mind that this is the same deposition interview in which Robin claimed that he was drunk and high as a kite off of the drug, vicodin; and Pharrell, well that’s a whole ‘notha story- he wasn’t high at all, but he was highly annoyed with Marvin Gaye’s family attorney.
Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 6.55.02 PMWatch the videos below…
Deposition video 1: Pharrell snapped at the attorney after he was repeatedly asked the same question and he eventually told him “I’m not a teacher.”

Video 2: Pharrell tells Gaye’s attorney “I’m not here to teach you music” and stated multiple times in response to questions, “I’m not comfortable.”

Video 3: Pharrell says “I did not go in the studio with the intention of making anything feel like, or to sound like, Marvin Gaye.” Then he admits “But as I look back, I feel that feeling.”

See Robin’s self proclaimed “high” deposition interview on the next page…

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