This Cutie Is A SANGIN’ Somebody Who’s Gotten VERY Harsh Criticism Online

Posted On : April 4, 2016

lalah hathaway baby pic

This little angel grew up to become a singer withe one of the absolute BADDEST voices in the music game! Her career took off in the late 80’s and she has been consistently doing her thing ever since. She is very underrated in the game, but she does have a very loyal fan base whose stuck with her throughout the years. She also recently won a Grammy and that wasn’t the only theing her name has mentioned for on blogs and social media lately- she has just received a ton of negative backlash for doing something that a large group of people deemed to be very inappropriate, while many others were like “What’s the big deal? Geesh.”

Here is one last hint: Her Daddy is a legend in his own right. If you think you got this one in the bag ILOSM fan,’ you know what to do, hit the ‘next’ button and see if you are on point…

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