Cynthia Who? RHOA’s Peter Thomas Debuts His Young New Bae After Ex Went Public w/Her’s

Posted On : October 2, 2017

For the past few years, Real Housewives of Atlanta fans watched the beautiful emergence and ultimate demise of Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’ marriage.  When Peter first got down on one knee and asked Cynthia to jump the broom with him, it looked like they would last forever.

Former Mr. and Mrs: Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey

However, according to Peter, their marriage was damn near cursed from the beginning, due to a few downfalls working against them: (1) The pressure of their marriage being on the reality TV show; (2) Cynthia’s sister and moms trying to shut their wedding down before it even started- which we witnessed during their wedding episode. Then came the heart wrenching divorce last season, when we watched the former Mr. and Mrs. get emotional about their end.

Meet Peter’s New Lady

That was then and this is now though, and both Peter and Cynthia have moved on. Peter has just debuted his new ‘Tender-Roni’ beau-thang on Instagram and she’s much younger than him. Not sure how much younger, but she looks young enough to be his daughter.  They seem really happy though and in his ‘Insta-boo’ reveal, he captioned his photo, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ❤️🎁🍷🎂🎉😍 @cluboneclt,” as he held his lady’s waist. Check it out below…

Peter has been talking about having a new lady in his life ever since he revealed it on the reunion show for last season. So it’s cool to finally put a face to the name.

Cynthia’s Still Happily Coupled Up

His reveal also comes a little after his ex-wife cheesed it up online with the introduction of her new man, Will Jones at the end of August (2017). She captioned her photo, “He’s got me feeling pretty special,” and fans voiced their happiness for her…

Cynthia Bailey and her new man, Will Jones

Peter Shoots Down Claims He Confronted Cynthia’s New Man

The other day, Peter took to social media to deny reports that he and Cynthia’s new beau-thang had an altercation:

@radargram STOP IT. @sportsoneclt @cluboneclt @bravotv

A post shared by PETER THOMAS (@peterthomasrhoa) on

Ever since her reveal, her and Will have been going strong and appeared at several events together. So I guess Peter felt it was finally time to put his dating life on front street too. By the way, he has a new Bravo TV reality show of his own coming up soon. Maybe this time, it may be better for him to keep his new ‘tender-Roni’ off of the screen if he wants to keep her…just sayin.’

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