Her DAD’s An R&B Sex Symbol Whose Crazy Groupie Just Stalked Her,See Who!

Posted On : July 14, 2016

She’s the 27 year old daughter of an R&B singer who was referred to as a sex symbol back in the day. Even today, her Pops still has ladies after him, in fact, one female in particular just recently stalked and harassed his daughter. Crazy right? Once you see who her daddy is and think back to the music he created, then you’ll remember why the women were loving him back then…


devante and daughter Meet Dyana, the daughter of Jodeci member/hit producer, Devante "Swing" Degrate! As you can see, she's pretty much her Pop's twin and the hint we gave on the first page is also very prevalent- she has Devante's signature green eyes. Dyana was just a baby when her daddy was blowing up the airwaves, but I'm pretty sure she understands her dad's impact on the music game now. Dyana is biracial and also looks like her Mom, check out the mother of Devante's daughter....

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