Dallas DJ Reveals Being In R.Kelly’s Alleged Sex Cult..One Thing Makes Her Different Tho

Posted On : September 26, 2017

A Dallas DJ, named Kitti Jones, says that met R. Kelly, she was like most of the talents who have crossed paths with him: thrilled about the possibility of working with him to further her career. But during the nine months she reportedly lived with him, she claims she learned all about his dark, ‘manipulative’ attributes that he’s making so many headlines for these days. During an exclusive interview with Inside Edition, Jones shared details about her alleged encounters with R. Kelly and her story only adds more fuel to the fire he’s already in.

What Makes Her Different From The Others?

Unlike the other sex cult allegations about R. Kelly, Jones says she was much older when they reportedly began a relationship. She claims she was 33 at the time. As we previously reported, Joycelyn Savage- the woman whose parents originally made sex cult allegations- is 22 years old and reportedly began living with Kelly at age 19. The other woman who recently claimed she was a part of the alleged sex cult, says she was 15 at the time.

Call Me Daddy:

DJ KittiJones, who describes R. Kelly as a “master manipulator,” has now revealed that Kelly didn’t waste time getting the ball rolling after he met her. In fact, she claims his demands began shortly after he gave her his number.

“I got to the restroom and I texted him and said, ‘This is Kitti, you just gave me your number,’ and he said, ‘Always refer to me as ‘daddy,’” she said.

Dallas DJ, Kitti Jones

But despite the seemingly odd request, Jones says she was hoping to get her career off the ground and that it didn’t take long for her to join him on the Trapped in the Closet tour. Soon, she claims she was making frequent trips- from Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL- to spend weekends with the Grammy Award-winning singer. According to Jones, once she started making trips, the controlling tactics began “When you come see me don’t wear clothes like that,” she said Kellz once told her. Jones also claims she was not allowed to wear clothing that would possibly attract the attention of other men. She went on to describe how intense the alleged manipulation was. “He could make you feel like you’re wearing red and you’re wearing blue,” she said. Before long, Jones quit her radio job and relocated to Chicago, IL. She said she, like several other women, was living at the singer’s compound.

Exerting Control?:

Although Jones resided with other women, she revealed they were never allowed to speak to each other. Like others have claimed, the singer was very controlling, according to Jones, who said she had to ask permission for almost everything.

“We had to ask to go to the bathroom, [and] ask if we could order food,” she claimed. But if things didn’t go his way, there were serious consequences and sometimes physical abuse was involved. “The way he would do me is slapping around,” she said. “I got tossed around, kicked, starved.”

When asked about the allegations that Jones detailed on Inside Edition, R. Kelly’s rep had “no comment.”

R. Kelly has adamantly denied the allegations against him. It’s also been reported that he’s recently lawyered up to possibly take legal action against some of the allegations against him. As of now, we’re not sure exactly which allegations those will be though.

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