Damion Hall Of Guy Posts SHIRTLESS Pics, Ever Seen 48 Look Like THIS?

Posted On : June 29, 2016

When Guy first hit the scene in ’88, everybody was talking about ’em- Damion “Crazy Legs” Hall was known as the dancer, his brother Aaron was the singer, and Teddy Riley was the super producer. Well that was 28 years ago and times have changed…except if we’re talking about Damion that is. Lately he’s been giving women pics they could appreciate and giving the fellas motivation to hit the gym like yesterday. Check this out…


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.13.29 PM Apparently Damion has been aging in reverse like Benjamin Button and at 48 years young, dude is lighting up the 'net with his shirtless pics...just ask the many women who have been swooning over him, LOL. Check out what we mean here>>>

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