Dayumn! O.J.’s Living The Life! His New Post-Prison House Is Crazy!

Posted On : October 6, 2017

When O.J. Simpson was released from Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Facility on October 1, 2017, he should’ve known every move he made thereafter was gonna be followed. As was the case just 5 hours after he stepped outta those prison doors and paparrazi found him at a gas station. Also, as is the case now.

O.J. Simpson with daughter, Arnelle Simpson

For months prior to O.J.’s release many folks were wonderng where he was going to live and how he gonna make money. Welp, it didn’t take long before those details emerged. Turns out, “The Juice” is living the ‘glamorous life,’ like Shiela E.

His New Residence

O.J. Simpson, 70, after being granted parole at Lovelock Correctional Center

O.J. went from three meals and a cot for the past 9 years, to a 5,000 square foot plush spot. According to TMZ, he’s living in a Las Vegas home, owned by a friend who also testified on his behalf during his Vegas robbery trial. The home is 5,000 sq. ft., with 5.5 baths, a pool, hot tub, and a private golf putting green area. It’s also about 20 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip.

O.J.’s new Las Vegas residence (via TMZ)

In addition to that laid out crib, it sits next to a golf course, which makes it easy for O.J. to partake in one of his favorite past-times….just like he did on his first day of freedom, as seen below…

O.J. playing golf at Las Vegas home, the day of his release from Lovelock Correctional Facility

Reports Of Plans To Allegedly Make Secret $?

As we recently report, just three days after his prison release, word on the Old School curb was that O.J. is trying to secretly stack paper that he apparently isn’t supposed to be making. According to TMZ, O.J. was secretly recorded in a private room at a Las Vegas hotel, allegedly signing a ton of his old football paraphernalia.

Oct. 2017, O.J. caught on camera, reportedly signing his sports memorabilia in Las Vegas hotel room

The suspicion is that he has (or had) plans on auctioning it off for major profits. The problem is that he still owes the late Ronald Goldman’s family $100 million for their 22 year old wrongful death lawsuit win. So it was assumed that O.J. may be trying to hustle up some money under the table, to avoid having to pay it all to the Goldman’s. The other problem is that would be a violation of federal tax laws, which could land him right back in prison at 70 years young, for violating his parole. If O.J. knows what’s best for him, he’ll just kick back, and lay low in that big ol’ house he’s living in.

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