Debbie Allen Reveals The REAL Reason Lisa Bonet Left Different World

Posted On : November 3, 2015

fb debbie allen and lisa bonetWhen Debbie Allen took over Different World as the director, her stint with Lisa Bonet as a part of the cast didn’t last very long, but it wasn’t because of her doing, it was because of Bill Cosby’s decision, according to Debbie.

Here is what Debbie Allen said was the real reason behind Lisa leaving Different World below: [YOU CAN WATCH HER SAY THIS IN THE SHORT VIDEO ON PAGE 2]

“When I first took over the show [Different World] one of the first things I did was meet with Lisa Bonet and she secreted to me that she was pregnant.

She had married Lenny Kravitz and you know…I guess Bill had his feelings about that because he was possessive in a way. I mean they were his on-camera wife and children, but they still were his. I mean the way he was with Phylicia [Rashad] (Debbie’s sister) too, I mean, that’s a whole ‘nother story.
lisa bonet different worldSo I said ‘Well Lisa we have to go tell him.’ So I said ‘Honey, put some shoes on, don’t come up there with a bare foot…get your best dress, let’s comb your hair and let’s go up there to see him, let’s tell him together.’ So we got dressed, we went up there and oooh he could see us coming! He saw us a mile away he could see us coming (laughs). And he set there and looked at us and I said ‘Well we have some things that we want to tell you.’ He said…


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