Oh No, “Dee” TEARFULLY Reveals What Made Her Recently Want To Kill Herself

Posted On : December 21, 2016

All of us Old Schoolers remember how “Dee” brought us joy and laughter on “What’s Happening,” but actress, Danielle Spencer-David’s, real life brought her tremendous pain, struggles, and thankfully…strength. But before her strength kicked in, Danielle almost committed suicide in recent years and she painfully explained why…


dee-danielle-spencer-and-cast As we've previously reported, Danielle has been through a LOT in her 51 years of life. She's survived a deadly car accident in 1977 (at the height of her "What's Happening" career) that killed the man who introduced her to acting- her stepfather, Tim Pelt. He died while shielding Danielle as a truck rammed into them on a highway; The accident left Danielle in a 6 month coma, partially paralyzed for a while, permanently stricken with spinal stenosis and forever dependent on crutches to walk. But recently, there was a totally different pain that struck Danielle's world...one that made her want to take her own life>>>

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