Devante Swing’s DAUGHTER Exposes His Groupie’s Nasty Texts & Claps Back!

Posted On : July 16, 2016

Jodeci’s Devante Swing’s 27 year old daughter, has just exposed one of his stalker groupies and the explicit, offensive texts the groupie’s been flooding Devante’s daughters inbox with, in desperate attempts to get in touch with her Pops. Let’s just say, Devante’s daughter is NOT one to bite her tongue…


stalker1aAfter Dyana's text messages got flooded with insults & raunchy requests for her Daddy, from a Devante stalker/groupie, Dyana decided to teach her a lesson by posting the messages on Facebook. stalker2Dyana posted these screenshots with the  captions: "People are weird AF"..."Do y'all see this!!!!!?????"..."People are fu%king NUTS EXCUSE ME!"   stalker4When responding to some of her FB friends Dyana said "This isn't even all of it. Like this happens everyday."   stalker5 The groupie called Dyana all kinds of names, including a "bi*ch" and she even called Dyana "racist" but Dyana shut her down when she said: "How tf am I racist? I'm biracial you f**king NUT!" So yeah, Devante's got a situation on his hands. In case you missed our previous article, you can see a recent photo of Dyana's mom here.>>>  

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