Diana Ross’ Daughter Tells How She Discovered Berry Gordy Was Her Dad

Posted On : June 23, 2015

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Diana Ross’ first born, 43 year old Rhonda Ross, did an interview a few weeks ago, where she discussed how she eventually discovered that her Dad was not a tall, Jewish American man, but rather an African American Motown Records head honcho.

For those who don’t know, Rhonda had often been referred to as Diana’s and Berry Gordy’s “love child” throughout the years. She was the product of their undercover relationship that lasted for many years while ‘The boss’ Ms. Ross was with the Supremes and also during her solo career.

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The identity of Rhonda’s real father was kept a secret, although we’re not quite sure why. My guess is that it was because the public didn’t know about Berry’s and Diana’s relationship and maybe they thought it would have tainted Diana’s rep, although many people in the music industry knew. Diana and Berry didn’t completely hide their relationship, but they didn’t publicize it to the world either. Any person on the face of this earth can take one look at Rhonda and clearly see that she is Berry Gordy’s baby, but I guess it is much harder to notice that just by looking in the mirror when you have been lead to believe that someone else was all of your life. Anyways, here’s what Rhonda explained about how she learned Berry Gordy was not “Uncle Berry” but he was ‘Daddy’…

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