Did President Obama Really Cry During Recent Aretha Performance? Must See

Posted On : December 30, 2015

fb aretha and obamaAretha Franklin performed at the Kennedy Center Honors 2015 to honor the composer of her hit song, “Natural Woman,” Carole King. The question is did Aretha really make President Obama shed a tear…or was something in his eye?
michelle and obamaWhat happened was that Aretha hit the stage in her her true regal form, like only Queen Rere can and at 73 years young she’s still touching folks with her voice. Not only were Michelle and Barack Obama moved by her performance, but Aretha was able to bring a crowd as stiff as the typical conservative crowd at the annual Kennedy Center Honors to their feet!

Composer of Aretha's hit, "Natural Woman," Carole King, overjoyed by Aretha's performance honoring her at  The Kennedy Center Honors 2015
Composer of Aretha’s hit, “Natural Woman,” Carole King, overjoyed by Aretha’s performance honoring her at The Kennedy Center Honors 2015

Carole King and fellow honorees, actresses Viola Davis and Cicely Tyson, looked like they were on the verge of catching the holy ghost and the other honorees, Rena Morena and Star Wars creator, George Lucas looked like they were awe and having their first experience at a holy ghost catching Baptist church, or something.

Actress, Viola Davis, alongside her husband enjoying Aretha's performance The Kennedy Center Honors 2015
Actress, Viola Davis, alongside her husband enjoying Aretha’s performance The Kennedy Center Honors 2015

By the end of Aretha’s performance, Obama was belting out some of her lyrics in the crowd, but he and Michelle looked like they really wanted to jump out of their seats, but remembered that they were the President and the First Lady and had to play it cool instead. Then when Aretha stood up from the piano and dropped her full length fur coat to the floor, the crowd went wild.

The question still remains though, was President Obama really crying? Or did something just irritate his eye for a second? You check it out for yourself and be the judge. He wipes his eye at about the 46 second mark…

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