Did You Know? Marvin Gaye’s Dad Never Wanted Him

Posted On : January 9, 2015

Marvin-Gaye-Dad-2We’re at odds many times with our “Old School Stories, With A New Point Of View”, but because of our love of soul music, we can’t help but to read, research listen, and just get engulfed in the elements from the soul music era. And from this story, we realize that with everything that we’ve learned about Marvin Gaye so far, the fact that he could reach a level of greatness is inspiring. There is a lesson in this story, and many other stories that we’ve written here, and once you read the story, you may agree with our point of view, which is; that regardless to what you may be going thru, the household that you’re living in, or the conditions of your life at the current moment, you can achieve greatness. You know the old school saying, “Make chicken salad from chicken @#it!

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