Dr. Dre Apologizes To 90’s Singer Michel’le & Others For Abuse

Posted On : August 21, 2015

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With all of the success surrounding N.W.A.’s biopic, Straight Outta Compton, which earned $56 million at the box office in it’s opening weekend, all eyes have been on billionaire hip hop mogul, Dr. Dre, and the details that some critics have said he intentionally left out of the film. Those details are pertaining to the alleged abusive claims three women have publicly claimed happened between them and Dr. Dre decades ago, when N.W.A. was at the height of their success. Dr. Dre finally spoke to New York Times about it and he issued a public apology.

dr. dre nowThe three women who have accused Dre of violence have been publicly telling their stories for over two decades, but their stories only gained heat in recent years, after social media emerged and helped them to spread the word.

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“Something In My Heart” singer, Michel’le, who was Dre’s longtime girlfriend throughout the 80’s and 90’s and has an adult son with him, recently said:


“I’ve been talking about my abuse for many, many years, but it has not gotten any ears until now.” She said that at the hands of Dr. Dre she suffered “black eyes, a cracked rib, and scars.” She also added “Opening up and finding out there were other women like me gave me the power to speak up.”


This is what NY Times also reported on the other two women, regarding the alleged abuse from Dr. Dre:

Tarrie B.
Tarrie B.

Tairrie B, a.k.a Tairrie B. Murphy, said that Dr. Dre punched her twice in the…


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