Dru Hill Wins Lawsuit Against Ex-Motown Exec And Is About To Get PAID!

Posted On : December 11, 2015

fb dru hillR&B group, Dru Hill, has just is about to collect a fat check from former, Motown exec, Kedar Massenburg. They took Kedar to court over money they claimed he owed them from an advance he promised them and for funding they didn’t receive from their comeback album.

The judge has awarded them $1 million. Okay let’s bring it back a notch real quick- they won a mil’ but they do have to split it four ways and pay taxes on it. So they all can’t necessarily go mansion shopping with their ‘suit money, but they can give their kids a great Christmas, buy themselves something nice, and put the rest in the bank for a rainy day…but that’s neither here, nor there…the bigger issue at hand is that they won and Kedar has to deduct a million from his or his company’s bank account. Here are the details via Bossip:

A New York federal judge ruled in the 1990s group’s favor by default in their $1 million breach of contract case against Kedar Entertainment Group after the record company never bothered to respond to the singers’ suit.

The men said they signed deals with the company for two new albums, and Kedar promised to spend a minimum of $300,000 on promoting each one, 2010’s “InDRUpendence Day,” and Sisqo’s “Last Dragon,” which dropped earlier this year.

But the suit said Kedar didn’t spend anywhere close to that amount, and in turn, Dru Hill lost millions in record sales, live shows and publishing profits.

dru hill2Dru Hill also complained that they never saw a dime of their advances and royalties from the records.

Kedar Entertainment – headed by former Motown Records honcho Kedar Massenburg – had a month to answer Dru Hill’s lawsuit, but never did.

Dru Hill’s lawyer, Lita Rosario, asked the judge to issue a default judgment against the record company, and on Nov. 24, the judge ruled in Dru Hill’s favor, which means Kedar Entertainment is on the hook for a million in damages and must release Dru Hill from the contract.

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