During Nasty Legal War w/Estranged Wife, Mike Epps Debuts New Girlfriend, Fans React

Posted On : July 14, 2017
Mike Epps

Well looka here! Comedian/actor, Mike Epps (46) has found ‘love on a two-way street,’ just like Stacy Lattisaw did in the 80’s. He’s just introduced his new girlfriend to the world. But let’s not move too fast…before we get onto his new boo-thang, we’re gonna backtrack to the current situation between Mike and his estranged wife of 11 years, Mechelle Epps.

Mike’s Money Battle With Mrs. Epps

Mr. and Mrs. Epps have been going through a serious money battle lately. They have been legally separated since January 2016, but reportedly they split in June 2015. As they try to hash out who gets what in their pending divorce and custody terms of their kids, they’ve made headlines a few times.

Mike Epps and his estranged wife, Mechelle Epps

Just in May of this year (2017), Mechelle Epps put Mike on blast in her court documents. She claims that Mike is trying to force her into settling for a smaller amount in temporary spousal support, by currently cutting her off financially, so she has no choice but to take the money. She reportedly is demanding whopping $118,468 a month in spousal and child support. However, Mike apparently wants to shell out $26,503 monthly. Why? Because he says he owes the IRS $2.6 million, so his money is lookin’ a lil’ funny at the moment.

Via Bossip: “Mike is attempting to force me to settle by cutting off my support,” Mechelle said in her court documents.”He has been paying our bills like always, until recently. Now he is cutting off my access to bank accounts and credit cards in an attempt to coerce me to settle.”

Via Vibe: “Mechelle’s mother nannies for $3,500 a month, and she also needs an additional $600 to cover her mother’s Mercedes. Not to mention, Mechelle is also asking for $72,000 for their children’s private school education, as well as sole possession of the house.

Johnnie Taylor’s song, “It’s Cheaper To Keep Her,” suddenly comes to mind. Seriously though, hopefully Mike and Mechelle will reach a common ground soon with this situation. Now onto Mike’s new woman…

Mike’s New Boo Works For Oprah & Iyanla

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Meet Mike’s new lady, Kyra Robinson. She’s a producer for Oprah’s OWN Network, in particular she produces for Iyanla Fix My Life show, which airs on OWN. Mike took to Instagram the other day to make it official. Kyra also attended the birthday party of Mike’s daughter, Bria, in May (2017), so it seems that she’s developed a good relationship with some of his kids. So far, Mike looks happy.

His fans were big upping him on social media as well…

Mechelle Epps’ Shares Interesting Message/Warning

At this point, we’re not sure if Mechelle is in a new relationship, or if she’s chosen to live the single life for a while. But she did manage to give this piece of advice to her Instagram followers the other day…

Happy Friday!!

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Don’t know if Mechell’s message was directed toward Mike or not, but nonetheless, we wish her and Mike the best as they peacefully move forward with their divorce.

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