Eddie Murphy Recalls What Happened When John Belushi Offered Him Cocaine

Posted On : August 22, 2016

Eddie Murphy took a trip back down memory lane to an incident that happened in the 80’s when he was partying with his then “Saturday Night Live” co-stars, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, and Robin Williams. Eddie’s widely known around the industry as the cat who never drinks, nor does drugs, but at the time, John and Robin didn’t get that memo and Eddie details what John called him when he refused his cocaine…


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.08.38 AM Reflecting on the deaths of Belushi and Robin Williams, Eddie who was raised as a Baptist, credits his faith for his strength to not succumb to Hollywood's dark side:

"The Eddie Murphy story would have been totally different. [...] There are a bunch of things like that that I look back on and be like, 'Wow.' [...] That just reaffirms my faith. I know that God is real. There's been a bunch of times when I could have wound up crashing and burning," says Eddie.
Rick James Eddie's friend, Rick James, revealed that because he highly valued Eddie's opinion, he tried to hide his cocaine use from Eddie, because he knew Eddie wasn't about the drug life and he didn't want Eddie to be disappointed in him. But one day Eddie actually caught him doing cocaine and was in fact disappointed, but Rick said he didn't judge him, he instead just asked him why he felt the need to do the drug and left it at that...
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