E. Badu Finally Says REAL Reason She Stripped Butt Naked On The Street

Posted On : November 24, 2015

fb erykahWe all remember the time Erykah Badu showed the world her God given assets on national TV, when she stripped down butt naked as she walked down the same Dallas, TX street John F. Kennedy was killed on, right? Well, what many may have never quite understood was why she did it. I think I speak for many of the fellas (and some ladies) out there (who don’t want to incriminate themselves on the grounds of their women slapping them upside the head with a shoe or something) when I say that we sincerely appreciated Erykah’s uh…display in her “Window Seat” video and now that I know the truth behind why she really did it, I appreciate it that much more.

See what Erykah Badu recently revealed to The Breakfast Club on Power 105 about her naked street walk: YOU CAN WATCH THE INTERVIEW BELOW

On what gave her the motivation to strip down:

Erykah Badu: “In the tradition of performance art, artists like Josephine Baker,Yoko Ono, Nina Simone…sometimes nudity is used to put focus on your political agenda. And in my case, my focus was Group Think. Group Think is a term coined by Irvin Janice in 1972 and he was a sociologist and a psychologist and he suggested that people are afraid to go outside of their social sect in fear of being assassinated or talked about, ostracized, or singled out. They don’t wanna…

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