Ever Wonder Where This ‘Mo Money’ Actress Has Been All These Years? Found Her!

Posted On : February 11, 2017

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Before there were incredible female comedians/actresses like Leslie Jones, there was comedic actress, Almayvonne Dixon. She was one of the actresses who raised the bar, without conforming, nor falling victim to the industry’s standard of what a female actresses should be. She danced to the beat of her own drum,  just like Whoopi Goldberg and Shirley Hemphill (of What’s Happening) had done years before she made her mark. Even though you probably don’t now her name, if you know anything about classic 90s comedy movies and TV shows, then you know her characters.

Almayvonne stole EVERY scene she was in, no matter what heavyweights she was performing with, including Martin Lawrence on the Martin sitcom, or the Wayans family on In Living Color. But it was her role in Mo Money as “Charlotte,” the love struck sister of “Amber” (played by Stacey Dash), that made Ms. Dixon a permanent fixture in cult classic film history. In 1992 “Charlotte” had us falling out from the way she would yell “Seymour!” (played by Marlon Wayans) and then have her way with him.

A few short years after that though, it was like Almayvonne left us high and dry, because we didn’t here much else from her afterwards. after we did some diggin’ and are were pleasantly surprised to see the sista today.

Check out what she’s been up to lately…

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Here is “Charlotte” a.k.a. Almayvonne Dixon today, aging like fine wine. She barely looks a day older than she did in 1992, right?

Although we haven’t been seeing her, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t been working in the acting industry. She revealed in an interview with Laugh Out Loud, that after her roles in the early 90’s, it because much tougher for her to find roles for herself, so she did what she knows how to do best- created an opportunity for herself instead of waiting for others to give her a shot.
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She teamed up with her best friend, S.K. Dayne (pictured above and below with Dixon), and together they formed Crown Soul Entertainment, a film production company, and Almayvonne also is the sole owner of Stone Archer Productions, LLC. They also wear the hats of director, producer, with Almayvonne added the notch of writer to her belt as well.
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Dixon has released independent film projects and her business is still going. Aside from work, she’s very close to her large family, including her many siblings and nieces.

Quality time with the Dixon fam!’

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 10.08.39 PMHere are a few photos Almayvonne posted on social media to pay homage to her siblings.
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Almayvonne. Dixon: “In Honor of National Sibling Day”

Fun Facts About Almayvonne:

Almayvonne revealed that the Wayans family were extremely nice to her during the filming of Mo Money and that she couldn’t have asked for more down to earth actors to work with.
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She stands just under 6’2″ and her other passion is basketball. She was a standout b-baller in college, but after graduating, she decided to pursue her acting dreams in Hollywood and the rest is history.
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It’s always great seeing old school entertainers who brought us so much joy, still living healthy, happy lives, and still following their passions.

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