Ever Wondered What Happened To Jenny From “The Jeffersons?” Found Her!

Posted On : May 14, 2015


We all remember “Jenny Willis,” “Tom’s” and “Helen’s” daughter on The Jeffersons, but many of us didn’t hear much from her outside of a few other roles in films like Harlem Knights, Goodfellas, and such.

Berlinda Tolbert was 22 years old when she first stepped onto the scene as “Jenny” in 1975 and today she is 65 years young. Since she was one of our favorites on the show, our ILOSM staff searched to find out some info on her whereabouts now and lo and behold, we’ve located her.

belinda now2
Check out how good Belinda Tolbert’s looking these days!

Her last role (as far as we know) was in a 2011 independent movie, Last Ride on the Midwest Pacific. Here’s a snippet of an interview that Berlinda did with JET about what she’s doing now.

berlinda now3

Are you working on any projects now?

BT: I’m taking a temporary break. I don’t have any disenchantment with Hollywood. I wanted to turn my attention to my parents, who’ve been so wonderful to me, at a time in their lives when it’s important to have their daughter there for them. We are a close family. My parents have and still are supportive of me and my work. They continue on the journey with me. They would often visit me during the time I was doing The Jeffersons. Recently, my father became ill and was hospitalized. He did not recover and passed away. My mother is now in her mid-80s and requires medical and physical attention. I make sure all her needs are met.

jenny and lionel

What are you planning for your comeback?

BT: I haven’t thought about a comeback. I don’t have any anticipation for anything. My focus at the moment is the medical needs and physical concerns of my parents and now, more recently, my mother. While I have been in some discussions about a project over the past three months, I’m not thinking about tomorrow. It’s more about the service I can do today. I’m not 22 anymore. I wouldn’t want to be 22 again. I’m just enjoying the opportunity to service my mother.

jenny and lionel2

What’s another career highlight for you?

BT: In the early ’70s, when I was in acting school, Martin Scorsese gave me my first film part in one of Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro’s early works. More than a decade later, in 1989, I ran into him when he was receiving the Courage in Filmmaking award. I didn’t think he would remember me, some school kid from years ago. But he didn’t forget; he remembered my name. He spoke to me about the day and night we shot my scenes. Two weeks after that meeting, he reached out to me and said he was working on another movie and wanted me to play Sam Jackson’s girlfriend in GoodFellas. Once I got on the set, I felt like I was at home.


Well, well, well, it’s good to see that our girl, Belinda, is alive and well, and most importantly following her heart and taking care of her Mom. We wish her Mother well and hopefully we’ll hear more from “Jenny” in the future.

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