Ever Wondered What Happened To This Sanford & Son Actor? Found Him!

Posted On : October 14, 2015

Eric Laneuville When “Esther” and “Woodrow” adopted their son on Sanford and Son, the teenager added a different dimension to the show and then after a few episodes, he never returned. Ever since his Sanford and Son days actor, Eric Laneuville, has been on various TV shows and movies, but over a period of time it seemed like Eric and his career kind of phased out. After doing a lil’ digging, we’ve learned that phasing out couldn’t be farther from the truth when it comes to Eric’s career.

Eric Laneuville and fred Not only does the brotha age well, he has been consistently making bread for many years right up under our noses. He’s not that teenage kid with the afro anymore, he’s actually 63 years young now. Hit that next button to check out what’s up with Eric Laneuville now…

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