Ever Wondered Where Bruh-Man From The 5th Flo’ Is? Found Him!

Posted On : February 17, 2016

We could never forget “Bruh-Man” from the 5th Flo'” on the Martin Show. The way he used to climb through Martin’s and Gina’s window to fix himself a “breh-fuss sammich” and then would tell Martin “Yo Moms in my apaaatment” always stole the show and had us crackin’ up nonstop.

We were having a 90’s flashback session here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic, and there’s no way we could talk about 90s sitcoms without talking about “Bruh-man.

Recently he’s been heavily active on the stand up comedy circuit and has been touring across the country and he recently starred in a theatrical stage play about late singer, Gerald Levert’s life (which also starred Eddie Levert and singers, Monifah and Alyson Williams) called “Baby Hold On To Me.” Another gig that had folks talking was Reggie’s feature in rapper, Big Sean’s, recent video which was a rap parody of the Martin TV sitcom. Check him out in that video below (Graphic language):

Reggie actually revealed in an interview with Laff House TV, that he initially didn’t want to be a comedian, but that it was comedian, J. Anthony Brown, who sparked that comic itch in him when he asked reggie to introduce the comedians for a show at a Houston, TX comedy club J. Anthony owned.

Reginald Bruh-man Ballard
Prior to making a name for himself on Martin, Reggie had roles in other TV shows and films, such as Class Act (starring Kid N’ Play), the TV show, True Colors, and he was even in Menace 2 Society. Can you imagine “Bruh Man” rolling with “O-Dog” and “Caine”? I can’t either, but he was and he did his thing.

Reggie revealed that his favorite “Bruh-man” episode was an episode that was like a real life heartfelt message he was giving to Martin when Martin was “going through some things” in his personal life that the public didn’t know about at the time. All of the cast and staff knew that Martin was going through some struggles though and a message Reggie gave him through his character while he and Martin were filming a scene really hit home for Martin. Here is what Reggie said about that:

“My favorite ‘Bruh Man’ episode…it really wasn’t that much acting…it’s when I had the dream of the sandwiches and uh…when we walked, when I was leaving out I said [to Martin] ‘Hey man, you need to get you some rest man you look beat down,’ and we really had a moment right there because that’s when Martin was going through some things. And the producers were like ‘Yo, say man, it look like you really was telling him (Martin) you know, he need to slow down.’ And he (Martin) looked at me, he was like “yeah, yeah…” and that was like a real catching type moment.”

A few other facts we learned is that:
“Bruh-man” is a married man also, Reggie’s been with his wife for 27 years…

Check out Reggie And His Wife

Reggie has two adult children- a son and a daughter.

Reginald Ballard and his daughter
Reginald Ballard and his daughter

-Reginald was a football player all throughout high school in Galveston, TX and he earned a full scholarship to play linebacker at Southern Methodist University, where he majored in theatre and then he transferred to the University of Missouri and continued to act and play football.

Throwback football photo of Reginald Ballard
Throwback football photo of Reginald Ballard

It’s always a beautiful thing to see entertainers from back in the day still grinding and doing what they love. Reggie is a good example of that and we can’t wait to see where his acting and comedic skills take him next.

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