Ex “Soul Train” Host Has So Many Haters To Put In Check, See Why

Posted On : March 19, 2016


Former “Soul Train” host and ex “Young and the Restless” actor, Shemar Moore, has finally decided to address the people who have been consistently throwing rumors and insults his way on social media.

Shemar finally got fed up with his haters taking jabs at him for being light skin and spreading gay rumors about him. He took to his Instagram page to set the record straight and let folks know that his is NOT gay at all and that his light skin should not be seen as a weakness, but rather as something familiar to them being that the President is his same skin complexion. Check out what he said below and let us know what you think…
Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 6.45.02 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 6.45.12 PM

Late night church 🙏🏾😘😘😘✌🏾️

A video posted by Shemar Moore (@shemarfmoore) on

Tell ’em Shemar! Oh and just in case his haters needed some confirmation about the man’s sexual preference, here it is…

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