Explosive Nate Parker Court Docs Reveal Sexual Details, People Are Angry

Posted On : August 26, 2016

After the American Film Institute recently canceled the screening for Nate Parker’s upcoming film, “Birth of A Nation,” due to Nate’s 1999 rape trial, that he was found 100% NOT¬†guilty of, we did a lil’ digging to see if there were some facts that maybe we were missing that are causing some to continue to persecute Nate over something he was innocent of. We found the transcripts on Deadline.com and now very clear WHY Nate and Jean- then two Black college athletes at a predominantly White university (Penn State), accused of raping a ‘non-Black’ female college student-¬†were proven INNOCENT…


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She claimed she'd been drinking heavily before hooking up with Nate and Jean, but witnesses who were at the apartment, including one who was a Lieutenant put on the stand by her attorneys to testify on her behalf, stated that she was not drunk at all, just as Nate and Jean claimed from the beginning. She said she was extremely drunk that night and stumbling everywhere, but others said she was walking upright with no problem, talking coherently, and willingly went back to the apartment where she eventually took off all her clothes and was "all over" Nate in the bedroom prior to the threesome.
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Although she said she was drunk and unconscious, attorneys pointed out how she was able to give specific details about how many drinks she'd had, but couldn't remember certain details that she said happened before the drinking and after drinking, because she said she was too drunk.
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The young lady also testified that during the alleged rape, she'd awaken from her unconsciousness with a strange man's penis in her mouth. But during the trial an expert doctor testified that an unconscious person who is being forced to perform oral sex on a penis would unconsciously leave several bite marks and abrasions on the penis because they're unconscious and therefore not in control of their bodily movement, including oral functioning.

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