‘Family Matters’ Mom Celebrates 67th B-day w/Daughter & She’s Barely Aged In Decades

Posted On : August 6, 2017
“Family Matters” cast; Actress JoMarie Payton as ‘Harriette Winslow’ pictured in purple dress

ILOSM family make some noise if you remember when “Harriette Winslow” was married to “Carl Winslow” on the 90’s sitcom, Family Matters? She was the loving, yet stern mother who didn’t take any mess and was sometimes annoyed by her neighbor, “Urkel.”

It’s been 20 years since Family Matters went off the air, but the 12 years we actually had the pleasure of seeing “Harriette,” “Carl,” “Kellie,” “Eddie Winslow,” and “Urkel” in our living rooms, will never get old. Speaking of ‘old,’ one thing is for sure, we canNOT apply that term to the beautiful actress who played “Harriette Winslow,” JoMarie Payton.

“Harriette Winslow” Then…

JoMarie as ‘Harriette Winslow’

“Harriette Winslow” Now At 67 Years Young

On August 3, 2017, JoMarie turned 67 and the only thing that has changed is time, but just one look at her today and you will think you were standing still within it. Mrs. Payton has barely aged in two decades! Check put mama “Harriette” nowadays…

Actress JoMarie Payton today at 67

See what we mean? She looks pretty much the same. JoMarie celebrated her 67th birthday and shared the love she’d received from her family online…

Another thing we noticed is that beauty runs in her genes, because her daughter, Chantale, and grandbaby, Kamryn- who she refers to as her heartbeats- are just as gorgeous as she is…

JoMarie Payton with her daughter, Chantale (R) and granddaughter, Kamryn (L)

What She’s Doing Now

And just in case you were wondering what Mrs. Payton has been up to these days, here it is. She’s been married to her third husband, Leonard Downs, since 2007…

JoMarie Payton and her husband, Leonard Downs

Also as you can see, she’s loving being a grandmother. Aside from teh family life, she’s continued working in the acting world on various projects, including on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, the animated series, The Proud Family (as the voice of “Suga Mamma”), and she’s currently starring on the Bounce TV network sitcom, Mann & Wife.

JoMarie Payton is also pushing to get a Family Matters reunion on the air, with the original cast members and we’re not mad at that at all…

During her time off, Jo Marie is still putting in work, by hosting various events and such. On the fourth of July (2017), she hosted an event in Miramar, FL, commemorating the opening of an amphitheater there.

And there ya have it family a blast from our 90’s past! It’s always a beautiful thing to see our fellow Old Schoolers doing what they love.

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