The Struggle Is Real! See What This Ex Destiny’s Child Singer Is Doing Now

Posted On : November 20, 2015


We all remember the rocky beginnings of the supergroup, Destiny’s Child. They just couldn’t see to get it right with members coming and going like a revolving door. The last member to come and go back in 2000 was Farrah Franklin. Franklin, now 33, was with the group for five months in 2000 before exiting.

The group claimed Franklin missed several events and that they were forced to ask her to leave. MTV confirmed that Franklin had missed at least one recent performance around that time. Franklin later told E! that “I felt like I was losing my identity … I just couldn’t handle the situation … I had to leave.”

So after leaving Destiny’s Child, what’s she been up to? Some things you may already know, but there are a few things that might surprise you. See what she looks like now, and what she’s been up to on the next page.

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