Fired By Prince From “The Time”, This 80s Singer Responds To Prince’s Death

Posted On : April 28, 2016

Prince’s untimely death has led to numerous revelations about his career and personal life. Some of the reports are based on revisited memories while others are like aha moments, categorized as “little-known facts about Prince.” Most old school music lovers are quite familiar with Prince’s associate band The Time, which currently features well-known lead singer Morris Day, but did you know he wasn’t always the frontman?

Yep, It Was Alexander O'Neal, But He Reveals Why He Was Fired...

Alexander-ONeal-If-You-Were-Here-296610According to the Clarion-Ledger, Alexander O'Neal was the man hired to be the lead singer of The Time, previously known as Flyte Time. But, before he sung one note, he was cut from the act. For those who don't know, O'Neal was actually around long before the band was renamed The Time. He believes he asked way too many questions...
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