Gayle King Exposes The SHADE Her Best Friend Oprah Just Threw At Her

Posted On : December 6, 2016

Oprah Winfrey and Gail King have been ride or die friends for over 40 years now and their interactions with each other prove it. They’re connected like sisters and they crack on each each other like sisters as well.


Speaking of crackin’ one another, that’s exactly what Oprah did earlier today when she clowned Gail about her fashion choices on the show Gail co-hosts, “CBS This Morning.”

Apparently Oprah was on the treadmill trying to get into the groove of her workout this A.M., by watching Gayle do her co-host thing on TV, but Oprah said Gayle’s necklace was too much of a distraction, LOL. Gayle, in turn, posted the message Oprah sent to her, criticizing her necklace, on Instagram…



gaylekingNote: @oprah sent to my asst this am “plz tell Gayle I’m on treadmill & it’s hard to focus w/the circus around your neck” I think she’s WRONG thoughts?

I’ll admit that Gayle’s necklace is a lil’ boisterous, but hey, it’s a festive time of the year, so do your thang boo, represent the Christmas tree and all it’s vibrant colors!
On a side note, speaking of treadmill workouts and such, Gayle and Oprah have been looking NICE lately (although they’ve always been attractive woman). They have been working hard on their health journeys and Gayle has even been documenting her journey on social media every now and then:

Gayle and her daughter
Gayle and her daughter

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 7.49.28 PM Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 7.49.39 PM


Lookin’ good ladies! Thanks for inspiring the rest of us Old Schoolers to stay on top of our health game.

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