Daamn! Tiny Tried Peace On New Years, Until HATER TRIED HER & It Got UGLY!

Posted On : January 2, 2017

By now we know that Tiny will jump on social media and check folks in a heartbeat if they jump stupid on her page -examples: her baby daddy’s wife, a random fan, another random fan, etc, etc.. Well, New Years day was no different…

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Given all of the ups, downs, and drama 2016 brought to Tameka “Tiny” Cottle Harris and her fam,’ she wanted to start 2017 off right with some positive vibes and hope for a better year. Therefore in her first post of 2017, she tried her best to be as positive as she could possibly be, by posting a message of gratitude to her Instagram. But as usual, someone hopped on Tiny’s IG with a dose of disrespect and that’s when Tiny let that hood seep up outta her to check what the late, great Bernie Mac would have referred to as a “summummab–.”


A hater of Tiny’s tried to shut down her positivity with 100% incorrect facts and Tiny shut the hater down with the quickness, for claiming that T.I. made her and was poppin’ well before her. The apparent youngin’ who knew not their R&B history facts, got their face cracked when Tiny fired back. Check out their exchange below…


Boom! Guess Tiny told them! And if we really wanna get down to it, the world didn’t really get introduced to T.I. until a whole 10 years after we were already bumpin’ Xscape’s “Just Kickin’ It” 1993. In 2003 when T.I.’s hit, “24s,” hit radio, folks were just starting to ask “Yo, who dat?” about T.I.. So maybe the next time that fan wants to try Tiny, they’ll do a lil’ “Video Soul”/”Rap City”/”Soul Train”/”The Box”/”Yo MTV Raps” research first. THERE’S MORE…


That wasn’t the only drama Tiny encountered on New Year’s though, she also responded to another fan who gave unsolicited advice to Tiny about her marriage and also called her a bit*h at the same time…


To which Tiny replied…


Hopefully that brief drama wasn’t an indication of how the rest of 2017 will be for Tiny. We wish Tiny, T.I., and the rest of the Harris family, peace and positive light as their unfortunate, current divorce saga continues.

-ILoveOldSchoolMusic, old school news with a new point of view

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