Get Tuh Steppin!’ Phaedra Just Got Fired From ‘Real Housewives’ & Here’s Why…

Posted On : May 8, 2017

If you missed part four of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special on Sunday, then you also missed one of the most heated and emotionally charged moments of truth in the history of reality TV. There were no wack scripted lines that reality shows have become known for these days. It was just pure, unfiltered truths and Phaedra Parks’ cracked face spilling all our the television screens that evening.

What Happened On The Reunion Special

So before we get into Phaedra’s recent firing, let us break down what happened on the show. Long story short: Never in all my days, would I have thought I’d see an attorney get caught in such a slanderous bold face lie on national TV in the way attorney Phaedra did. After Porsha and Kandi got into an argument once again over Porsha’s claims that someone told her Kandi and her husband, Todd, were gonna drug her and rape her, Porsha then busted Phaedra as being the source of that info.
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 3.38.21 PM
Porsha however, had no clue Phaedra had been lying to her the entire season about the bogus ‘Kandi rape’ claims. But on the reunion, Porsha became extremely hurt to find out Phaedra had “used” her to wreak havoc on Kandi’s life by having Porsha confront Kandi on national TV about the rape allegations. Kandi was beyond pissed, Phaedra seemed pretty remorseLESS, and to top it off, Porsha also revealed that Phaedra lied by telling her that Kandi told her directly she was gonna drug Porsha. That’s just slander-101 that any attorney should know not to do…but apparently Phaedra did not in this case.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 3.37.55 PM

So why did Bravo fire Phaedra you ask? Here’s why:

Via TMZ: Phaedra Parks won’t be showing her face anymore on ‘RHOA’ — she’s been fired for spreading lies and rumors about cast members conspiring to rape … TMZ has learned. Sources close to the production tell us Phaedra was let go due to a rumor she told Porsha Williams about Kandi Burruss during the course of this latest season, which came to [a] dramatic end Sunday night.

We’re told that during filming for the show, Phaedra had told Porsha that Kandi and her hubby, Todd Tucker, were planning to drug Porsha and take her back to their home to take advantage of her sexually. Kandi threatened Bravo if they aired that clip … so they didn’t. But during Sunday’s finale of a 4-part reunion following the 9th season, all those secrets finally spilled in front of America … with Phaedra being outed as the source of the nasty rumor. We’re told Bravo felt like Phaedra’s allegations were so out of line, they simply couldn’t continue working with her and informed her in early April.

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