Aretha Franklin Cancels ALL Concerts Due To Mystery Illness, Details…

Posted On : May 27, 2016

We’re sending well wishes to Aretha Franklin. She has just had to cancel all of her upcoming concert performances due to a mysterious illness. Her camp hasn’t released the exact illness Aretha’s having complications from, but it’s being reported that the 74 year old ‘Queen’ won’t be rescheduling her shows until the fall. The health complications info spread after Aretha’s agent had to cancel her upcoming performance on Saturday (5-28) at the Treasure Island Casino in Minneapolis.


ARETHA'S BAND DIRECTOR H.B. BARNUM EXPLAINS WHY THEY HAVE TO ADJUST SHOWS FOR ARETHA Aretha's longtime band director and former doo wop singer, H.B. Barnum (79), explained the steps Aretha has to take to nowadays to get through her shows at her age. When explaining why Aretha makes what she refers to as her "false exits" during her concerts (where she exits the stage as her band continues to play so she can sit down backstage and rest), Barnum said this:

“It’s a fifteen-round fight, and so she paces herself. Aretha is not thirty years old. She is seventy-four."
In March of this year (2016), Aretha Franklin celebrated her 60th year in the music business, so if anyone deserves the right to take a well earned "false exit" rest, it's Ms. Franklin. We wish her 100% speedy recovery. By the way, in case you missed it, watch Aretha sing "Purple Rain" at the White House in honor of Prince.>>>
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