Have U Seen This Vanity 6 Singer Lately?!! Good Lawd! Check Her Out NOW!

Posted On : May 7, 2016

ILOSM family we have located one of the most reclusive singers of the 80’s era- former Vanity 6 member, Susan Moonsie. Some of you may not know her by name, but if know 80’s R&B, you definitely know her face. Susan was known as the ‘innocent one’ in Prince’s girl group, which also included the late Denise “Vanity” Matthews and Brenda Bennett.  It’s been decades since we’ve last seen Susan and after laying our eyes on these recent photos of her, we were pleasantly pleased, but not surprised, at the beautiful woman she still is in her 50’s…


SEE WHAT VANITY 6 MEMBER, SUSAN MOONSIE, LOOKS LIKE NOW! Susan pretty much likes to stay out of the spotlight of the entertainment world and she never does interviews, so we don't have much info on her, but we do have a few interesting, little known fun facts about her. Check her out now!>>>

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