He Became A POPULAR 90s Actor Who Married &Has A Kid w/An R&B Singer,See Who

Posted On : November 26, 2016

This orange totin’ toddler, with the chubby cheeks, standing on a Brooklyn, NY stoop, actually grew up to become a very well known actor who really made his mark in the late 80’s and 90’s. Here’s another hint, he has close ties to an R&B singer you know very well. Okay, that’s about all we’re giving up on this family, see who he is below…


Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 11.23.06 AM Meet Sophia Hardison. She is very close to both her mother, Chante and her Pops, Kadeem...Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 11.01.10 AM It seems like just yesterday she looked like this though... Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 11.23.58 AM Geesh time flies!

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