After Health Scare, Prince Makes BRIEF Appearance And His Health is Uh…

Posted On : April 17, 2016


A few days ago Prince scared the heck outta all of us after his plane had to make an emergency landing and he was rushed to the hospital– first for unknown reasons and then his rep claimed that he had been battling the flu for WEEKS. We’re still not sure if that’s all there is to Prince’s health situation after he’s also been canceling a few shows (prior to his trip to ER) as well, but we’re glad he managed to build up enough strength to make a really brief appearance last night.

Prince makes appearance at Paisley Park on April 16, 2016...days after emergency health scare
Prince makes appearance at Paisley Park on April 16, 2016…days after emergency health scare

There was a $10 dance party being thrown for fans at Paisley Park, which is close to Prince’s Minnesota home, and Prince shocked the fans when he strolled out on stage with his guitar in hand, sportin’ his blown out ‘fro. He wasn’t 100% and that was evident because he didn’t sing, nor play a single note, but he did reassure the amped up crowd of this in regards to his health scare: “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.”

Prince’s health may not be all the way on point right now, but at least the brotha is still alive and healing. We’ll keep y’all up to speed as we continue to get more info on Prince’s health status and in the meantime, we’ll blast some classic throwback Prince jams over here at ILOSM.

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