Here’s What Kandi Burruss Did When Tamar Tried To Bring Rapper Khia On Stage For Xscape Tour

Posted On : January 1, 2018
Tamar Braxton allegedly invite Khia and Ts Madison to her Atlanta show.

Rapper, Khia and her “Queens Court” Youtube show co-host, Ts Madison, planned to join Tamar Braxton on stage. Apparently, they were invited to the show by Braxton, however, the ladies were allegedly asked to leave. It appears that the ladies of Queen Court reportedly planned to join Braxton on stage to roast Toya Wright.

Not Tonight:

Tamar is on tour with Xscape for the “Great Xscape Tour.” To celebrate New Year’s Eve, the ladies of Xscape and Tamar Braxton performed in the city of Atlanta. However, there was reportedly some crazy drama that popped off on the tour. You see, Khia and former transgender adult entertainer, TS Madison, have a web series where the ladies broadcast from Madison’s living room to discuss celebrities and give their opinions on various topics. It is not for the sensitive, as the ladies take turns roast reading a variety of celebs. Recently, TS Madison and the My Neck, My Back rapper gave their opinion on Toya Wright’s pregnancy and that didn’t sit too well with Toya, nor her daughter, Reginae Carter.

Well, it appears that the ladies were allegedly planning to do a live session of “Queen’s Court” on stage with Tamar Braxton, where they’d planned to talk about Toya. It’s no secret that Tamar and her former friend, Toya Wright, are not cool like that these days.

According to TS Madison, the ladies were all scheduled to go on stage with Tamar. Toya Wright and is at odd with the “queens” over their controversial comments in regards to her unborn child. Word on the Old School curb is that word got back to the ladies of Xscape and Kandi Burruss reportedly put a stop to the “queens” coming on stage. TS Madison claims that the ladies of Xscape allegedly told security they had weapons. Despite the claims that Khia and TS Madison were allegedly kicked out, TS claims that they left on their own accord.

See TS Madsion’s Statement Below:

It’s not surprising that Kandi would put a stop to that, as she is very close friends with Toya. Not to mention, Toya is close friends with Tiny (of Xscape) as well. Surprisingly, TS Madison said she understood why Kandi and Tiny allegedly wouldn’t want them on the show. However, she was upset with the ladies of Xscape, as she didn’t appreciate being lied on.

Tamar Braxton has yet to respond, nor has anyone else from Xscape addressed TS Madison’s claims. However, something tells me that Xscape will be ‘called to’ the “Queen’s Court” for their next webisode airing.

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