Homeless To Ballin!’ See HOW Charlie Wilson Made MILLIONS$$ In 365 Days

Posted On : May 9, 2016

Billboard has just released their annual list for the highest paid entertainers within the past year and lo and behold, look at who made the list: One of our fellow Old Schoolers, Charlie Wilson! This is big news because not only did Charlie make a huge comeback after overcoming homelessness and drug addiction following Gap Band’s success, he is also the ONLY Old School R&B singer in the top 40 Billboard list! Just goes to show that REAL talent is still being realized and the real lies that are a lot of these new R&B singers’ careers, are being shown as what they are- wack! Anyways, check out how much bread Charlie Wilson has brought home in the past 12 months…


CHARLIE WILSON EARNED $6.9MILLION IN THE PAST YEAR Charlie Wilson surprised many folks! He earned $6.9million net in the last 12 months. Not even some of the top rappers made the top 40 Billboard list, including Lil' Wayne.
Touring earnings- $6.5million
Publishing- $25.6K
Streaming- $46.5K
Music sales- $365.3K

In case you missed it, check out Charlie Wilson's interview where he revealed his past struggles with homelessness and addiction>>>

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It’s a beautiful thing to see REAL talent like, Charlie Wilson, earning what he deserves to earn. Keep doing your thing and showing these youngins how it’s done Charlie! Your fans LOVE it![Source]



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