Huh? 10 Yr. Old Bobby Brown Did WHAT w/His Momma’s Cocaine & Chicken?!!

Posted On : June 15, 2016

These bombshells Bobby Brown’s been dropping lately about his life are as shocking, as they are entertaining. He’s promoting his autobiographical book, “Every Little Step,” and although he’s caught flack for including Whitney in his book, the truth is that she was a vital part of his life. This time around though, no one can blame him for talking about Whitney, because he left her out of this story and instead revealed some very interesting details about his beloved mother…


bobby brown cooking Bobby revealed in his book, that he once fried chicken IN his Momma's cocaine when he was 10! Laaaawd...

Bobby Brown: "So I decided to use the large bag of flour I found in the freezer to make some fried chicken. I got the chicken parts out of the refrigerator and covered a bunch of pieces in the flour. Then I dropped them in a pan of sizzling oil. I was 10. So I didn’t realize the strangely pungent smell emanating from the pan. When the chicken pieces were nice and brown, I figured I was done. After I had taken a few bites and feeling weirder with each bite, my mother walked in the door. At first she was smiling at the idea that her little Bobby had made dinner. Then her gaze swept across the kitchen as she got hit with the full brunt of the scene, the smell, the mess, the powder. With horror, she realized what I had done. I fried chicken in her cocaine — a radical new addition to the family’s culinary offerings. Cocaine chicken."
I don't know about y'all, but I know one thing- I'm buying Bobby's book!
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