Huh? Lionel Richie’s Bassist Severely Stabs Self Many Times In Bizarre Incident

Posted On : June 4, 2017

We’re extending well wishes to Lionel Richie’s bass guitar player. However, let’s call this our ‘What-the-hell?’ news of the day, because this is just weird. In a strange incident that happened on Tuesday (5-30-17), bassist, Ethan Farmer, suffered serious stab wounds after stabbing himself multiple times.

Lionel Richie (C) with two of his band members; bassist, Ethan Farmer (R)

Apparently, this had something to do with him eating weed brownies and/or weed cookies. Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I ain’t never heard of anyone eating weed brownies/cookies and getting that type of side effect! Anyways, see what was reported about his 911 call:

Lionel Richie’s bassist, Ethan Harper

Via TMZ: Lionel Richie’s bassist had a horrific reaction after eating edibles […] Law enforcement sources tell us a 911 call came in at around 10 PM Tuesday … the caller reporting a stabbing victim. Paramedics rushed to a San Fernando Valley apartment where they found Ethan Farmer bleeding profusely. We’re told Farmer…had eaten either pot brownies or cookies and went off the rails, stabbing himself all over his body. Turns out, the 42-year-old had some friends over and they were chowing down on edibles when Farmer suddenly turned violent on himself. He was taken to a hospital where he remains as of Friday night. We don’t know his condition. We spoke to Ethan but he wouldn’t say anything about the incident other than that he’s recovering.

I’m not sure if this is a case of Richie’s bassist maybe gettin’ his grub on with a few bad weed brownies- meaning they were laced with something other than weed- without Ethan actually knowing it; or if maybe Ethan Harper’s camp is giving alternative facts about what he really took that night, in order to save face. Who knows? But either way, we still wish the brotha a speedy recovery and we’re just glad he survived after such a major loss of blood.

Word of advice to Richie’s bassist: Next time only buy weed brownies/cookies from a ‘trusted’ source.

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